Passion for Tech, Workplace & Sustainability. Star Trek Fan and Supporter of Arsenal.

I have a strong Recruitment background having worked in the sector now for over 15 years, first as a Recruitment Consultant then as a Marketing Manager.

Over the years I have observed the progressive change in the requirements of great marketers and what they need to be successful. Digital transformation is disruptive, and it is radically changing not only the way people conduct business but also how companies communicate and build relationships with prospective clients.

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Duncan J Carter
Passion for Technology, Star Trek Fan, Supporter of Arsenal FC and into Photography, BioHacking & Wellbeing.
London, UK
I started like anyone does in recruitment (fell into it), next step, an Account Manager, building client relationships and keeping retained business. Then I started my own desk, cold calling everyday, persistence and delivering the right message made it a success.

I moved in marketing because I could see the shift in the way people communicate, and having already been a bit of an IT geek, I pursued my passion and learnt my trade within Marketing.

Today I know what works in terms of Recruitment Marketing; passion, tenacity, knowing the right tools, and delivering the right message.

Awareness is the first step to lead-generation, the true start of the buying-n-selling process. You have to be patient thou, because it can take 8-15 touches for your marketing message to sink in.

Many business leaders struggle to find the right balance between nurturing innovation and continuing business-as-usual with limited resources, and as technology further evolves, we shall continue to see the way we communicate shift. The only concern is what are you doing to ensure your business stays competitive and find ways to engage your target audience when habit changes.

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