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In this digital age, you can post content and ask questions, which is so powerful in social media, because it begs a response. Starting a discussion is so much more powerful than just posting a link.

Many businesses have prospects that slip through the cracks because the timing was off, an employee didn’t think they were a good fit at first, or maybe the sales team was just spread too thin at the time the lead came in.

Website Lead Scoring is a way of ranking leads by their likelihood of buying based on their actions and behaviours, level of engagement over a period of time, their profile and demographics, etc. Each behaviour has a pre-assigned point value that you have determined. As your contact progresses through the buyer’s journey, their score is updated. Once a contact crosses the lead scoring threshold, they become a qualified lead and your sales team is notified. Contact me to learn more.

3 bulletproof lead generation strategies

Get Google to send you leads

Create remarkable content

Go where the fish are

Guest post on websites with large audiences

Do the thing that nobody else wants to do

Try Public Speaking at an Event/Conference

There are many tools you can utilise in your lead generation strategy, from using analytics, chrome extensions, automation and SEO. Check out Hiring.Company - a curated directory of resources and tools to help recruitment professionals to choose the right platforms for their work or business.

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